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What is SmartPro Packaging

One box,multiple inserts,infinite possibilities

It's not a box until you make it!

What is SmartPro Packaging

SMARTPRO PACKAGING is a revolutionary new packaging system from Box Brokers Group.  This system utilizes a box-shell and insert strategy designed to alleviate the problem of running out of ring boxes during the holiday rush. “It’s not a ring box until you make it a ring box.”  When a customer purchases a ring, sales associates will then grab a small shell and insert a single ring pad to create the ring box.  Every piece of jewelry in the store can now be packaged into one of three sized box shells.  No more chaos in the back room of sorting through multiple different sizes of boxes and not finding the right box.

SMARTPRO PACKAGING uses 13 different pad inserts for the Box Shells. This allows jewelers to package ear studs, rings, hoops, charms, pendants and beads in the smallest shell.  Larger items like large hoops, bangles, bracelets, watches and larger pendants and necklaces will utilize the medium and large box shells thereby eliminating much of the clutter in back storerooms.

The SMARTPRO PACKAGING system uses Larry Johnson’s Good-Better-Best strategy where customers now have the ability to package lower price items in lower cost boxes eliminating the common occurrence of jewelers being forced to package a silver charm in an eight-dollar leather box.  The Good Shells are metallic paper with magnetic closures.  The Better shells are metallic paper exterior with traditional clamshell closure.  The Best Shells are Linea Leatherette with a clamshell closure.

The SMARTPRO PACKAGING System includes a free organizational system of bins and labels to clean up your wrapping/packaging station.  Integrated QR codes make reordering quick and easy where if jewelers are running out of ring pads, he or she can use a smartphone to scan the code and place the order for replacement pads quickly.