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SmartPro Packaging

A Revolution in Jewelry Packaging

SmartPro Packaging

One box,multiple inserts,infinite possibilities

SmartPro Packaging separates the insert from the shell, allowing you to purchase shells and inserts for different types of merchandise as you need them. There are three sizes and qualities of shells, and multiple insert types that will fit into the shells.

It is best to start by the type of merchandise you would like to purchase, so you know you the correct size of shell you will need.

Shells: When selecting a shell, you have 3 qualities (good, better and best) to choose from.

Click a merchandise category below to view inserts; once you find an insert you like, make sure to purchase the appropriately sized shell.

If you only need to purchase shells, make sure it is the correct size (small, medium or large) that your inserts will fit into.

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