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Our Print Options

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General Printing Notes

  • We don’t accept returns on printed boxes.
  • A minimum of 48 boxes is required on all print orders.
    • Pad print: .25 per box
    • Hot stamp: .15 per box
  • Make sure to purchase a plate if you have not already done so.*
    *Once a plate is made, it is a fixed size and can be used on future orders that match the size.
    • Pad printing one-time plate fee: $50 is charged for each color (standard or custom).
    • Hot stamp/foil one-time plate fee: $115 is charged for each color (standard or custom).
  • If you are ordering:
    • small & large boxes, make sure to order multiple plates.
    • ring through necklace, we suggest a minimum of 3 plates, to make your logo proportionate to the size of each box.
    • shopping bags, we suggest 4 size plates.
  • Measure your current logo size on each of your boxes to make sure you are ordering correctly sized plates.


Pad printing versus hot stamp/foil

  • The hot stamp option does not work well if your logo has very fine lines or will be printed in reverse. Please choose pad printing if your logo has fine lines or will be printed in reverse.

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Pad Printing/ Silk Screening

Pad printing/ silk screening are ink processes which require different plates than foil stamping. Pad printing allows us to print in multiple colors. The metallic gold & silver ink is nice, but not reflective quite like a gold or silver hot stamp.

Notes about Pad Printing

  • Pad printing plates are $115 each and are not a part of Box Brokers Group’s free plate program (see hot stamping section below).
  • When pad printing/ silk screening ink dries, it is permanent.
  • Box Brokers Group can PMS Pantone color match your logo to your store colors for a one-time ink mixing fee of $125.
  • If the printing surface is suede or leatherette, in most cases we suggest pad printing.

Pad Printing Logo Examples

Hot Stamping/ Foil Stamping

Foil stamping and hot stamping are the same process, which involves heating a plate to 270 degrees, then pressing the logo into the the surface of the item being printed, to transfer the logo.

Foil stamping is very popular in the jewelry industry as your logo turns out metallic, however, there are limits to this method.

Notes about Hot Stamping:

  • Hot stamping plates are $50 each.
  • With an initial order of $500 of merchandise, Box Brokers will wave up to 3 plate fees if given 5 weeks to process your initial order (reorders typically take 10-14 days).
  • Foil stamping is a semi-permanent print process that can rub off over time.
  • If the printing surface is satin or paper, in most cases we suggest hot stamping.
  • If your logo is simple, without small verbiage, thin lines or intricacies, then it can most likely be hot stamped on any surface.

Hot Stamping Logo Examples

Intricate Logos

If your logo has a lot of detail, fine lines, or is reversed out of a solid background, we suggest pad printing instead of foil stamping, especially if printing on suede or leatherette.

Intricate Logo Examples


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Still not sure? Select which options you think you prefer, and our printing department will contact you if there any issues.