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What Are SmartPro Displays?

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Box Brokers Group is proud to introduce the most innovative jewelry display system to help your store maximize profits and sell jewelry faster.

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Each SmartPro display incorporates many features designed to solve long standing problems that jewelers have experienced throughout the years. Our SmartPro system includes a two-piece riser system that slides back through the door opening of the case. This sliding top riser provides easy access to all merchandise on the platform. Gone are the days of contorting your arm to reach the front corner of the display and knocking over elements as you reach a piece of jewelry for your customer. The SmartPro display system slides back through the opening of the case allowing your associates easy access to the front of the case. Additionally, the riser tops are removable through the back of the case, drastically reducing the amount of time needed to set up and close the store at the beginning and end of your workday. Riser tops are designed to be stored in your vault or safe cutting hours from your daily setup and closure procedures.

All SmartPro riser tops and elements are magnetic, allowing secure transport to and from your safe/vault and preventing expensive merchandise from tumbling off the riser causing damage. The space under the riser tops acts as a perfect storage area for counter pads, back stock, ring sizers and polishing cloths allowing vital selling tools to be close at hand and reducing the amount of time your sales associates must walk to the back to get supplies for the sale. Each SmartPro element incorporates a unique Hide-A-Tag feature allowing price tags to be tucked inside the element reducing the cluttered look of jewelry price tags hanging off elements throughout your cases. The SmartPro system is designed to utilize Larry Johnson’s proven display strategies, so you can display your jewelry in a way that best highlights each piece’s unique selling points.