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5 foot Diamond Fashion showcase – 70 pieces

SKU: DF5-70-02

5 foot Diamond Fashion showcase – 70 pieces


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This is a 5 foot Diamond Fashion case that holds 70 pieces of jewelry.

Gen I Risers (click)
SKUQtyGen I Risers
66852SP Gen I Large Top Cap
66872SP Gen I 2″ Large Base Riser
66822SP 15″ Large Sweet Spot Riser
66951SP Gen I Small Top Cap
66971SP Gen I 2″ Small Base Riser
66801SP 5″ Small Sweet Spot Riser
Gen II Risers (coming soon)
Coming soon!
Elements in this Showcase (click)
60742Small euro neck
62041Pillow w/easel
656323 Pend Tray Pitched
655323 Stud Tray Pitched
654323 Flap Tray Pitched
654626 Flap Tray Flat
62012Single Bangle Stand
62082Bracelet Sleigh w/ Elastics
61224Sm Pend/Ear stand
61244MD Pend/Ear Stand
611624" Whale Tail Earring Stand
611523" Whale Tail Earring Stand
61772Short pendant stand
61782Medium pendant stand
655626 Stud Tray Flat
656626 Pendant tray flat