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3 foot Diamond Fashion showcase – 30 pieces

SKU: DF3-30-01

3 foot Diamond Fashion showcase – 30 pieces

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This is a 3 foot Diamond Fashion case that holds 30 pieces of jewelry.

Gen I Risers (click)
SKUQtyGen I Risers
66851SP Gen I Large Top Cap
66871SP Gen I 2″ Large Base Riser
66821SP 15″ Large Sweet Spot Riser
66951SP Gen I Small Top Cap
66971SP Gen I 2″ Small Base Riser
66801SP 5″ Small Sweet Spot Riser
Gen II Risers (coming soon)
Coming soon!
Elements in this Showcase (click)
62621Tall Euro Hoop Earring
62612Medium Euro Hoop Earring
61776Short Pendant Stand
61782Medium Pendant Stand
61792Tall Pendant Stand
60053Single Ring Finger
65013Single Ring Wedge
62042Pillow W/ Easel
62011Single Bangle Bar
650413 Ring Vertical Tray
62082Bracelet Sleigh w/ Elastics
61202Small Flap Earring
62671Tall Euro Pendant Stand