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SP Sentinel Display

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SP Sentinel Display


Minimum order: 1 piece
Price for 6 pieces or more:
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Fight back against distraction thefts and Smash-and-Grab thefts with this new display from Box Brokers. The rings are locked into the display by a discreet pin that is easily removed by your associate but takes too long for the thief to manipulate. The towers are attached to the base platform and the platform is connected by steel cable to the showcase. Tell your insurance carrier you deserve a discount!

  • Display holds 5 rings securely in towers
  • Most robbers spend less than 1 minute in the store so this delay causes them to flee without taking your merchandise
  • Display available from stock in 5 different colors
  • Patent applied for by Box Brokers
  • Steel cable attaches to platform or floorboard
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Dimensions 10 × 5 × 4 in