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Custom Packaging

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Custom Packaging

Box Brokers has been a supplier of custom packaging and displays to the industry since inception. We currently provide custom products to many retailers and manufacturers. Creating the right solution that fits a clients’ needs and budget is a process that begins with a simple call.

Here are some images of custom packaging and displays we have created in the past.

Contact us and let us show you what we can do in the future.


Why Custom Packaging

As a Jeweler you wouldn’t set a diamond on an inferior ring, would you? You would showcase the stone as well as you could to get the greatest price for the piece. The same should apply to Jewelry Packaging. After the sale is done and your hand over the piece to your customer, you want them to be able to feel or justify, spending the amount of money with you as they did. That is where an unique, brand-specific Jewelry Packaging program completes the sale. instills buyer confidence, and promotes a return visit to your store.


Custom Packaging

to Strengthen your Brand Identity!



Creating your Custom Packaging Program is an easy 5-Step Process

Select a Box Style
We have over 25 different styles for you to choose from. Which one speaks to you?
Pick Your Colors and Materials
You can pick from 50+ materials, in every and any color you can imagine. They sky is the limit. Now is the time to get as creative as you can and design precisely what you want!
Decide on Quantities & Styles
With all Custom Orders, there is a minimum quantity that must be ordered per style. Please consult with a BBG salesperson for more info.
Send Us Your Artwork
Placing your Logo on your new design is one of the most important parts of the process. Please consider size when submitting. Do you want the same size for all boxes? Outer carton printing? Your Salesperson will be able to walk you through the options.
Contact Your Box Brokers Sales Representives
Call (800)809-3868 or email to begin your design process, you can also send us your questions by clicking the below button.